• I want to thank all the good folks at CWNP for putting together a great exam and study guide. Also the fine authors - Coleman, Westcott, Harkins and Jackman for a job well done on great material.

    CWSP is by far my personal best 802.11 security book ever read. Ive read it over 20+ times. Great read ...

    I also want tomention --- thanks to Marcus for answering my, "HUH" questions and letting me bounce random and sometimes confusing thoughts off of him. I really appreciate it.

    I also want to thank Kevin for keeping CWNP relevant and restructuring the certification path and keeping the exam material relevant and up to date. I appreciate your dedication to the WiFi community.

  • Congratulations!

  • George,

    That is [b][i]Fantastic[/i][/b].

    Job well done !!!


  • Nicely done, George! Congrats!

  • Wirelesssguru strikes again! That's fantastic Geroge! Well done! Now on to CWAP or CWDP?!?

  • Thanks guys ..

    You know I struggled with this one to be honest, AP or DP. Ive decided to do the AP, as I've read the book a few times already. Looking for 3 - 6 months out exam wise. Depending on my work schedule.

    Also, I plan on squating the CWNP forums more.. Always lots of smart folks and good reading here.

  • Hi George,
    congrats to your cwsp and your interesting blog. :)

    but tell me how you can read the same book more than 10 times?

    iam absolutely bored when i read any book the third or fourth time, but more than 10 times is unbelievable...
    from where do you take your motivation? how much do you read average day/week?

    i read around 15 pages per hour, so i would need around 40hours to read the full cwsp book. without any whitepapers or additional ressources. 20 times reding this book, will take 800 hours... -.-

    i dont know if i work to much or read to slow :)

  • Tony,

    Thanks for the congrats and the blog mention. I read a chapter a night sometimes two. Some of the chapters and its contents I knew very well. So it makes reading repeatably very easy. The first few times there were lots of questions but once that got worked out it was more confirmation.

    Motivation, its pretty simple I guess. I value the CWNP exams. Also its a personal goal wanting to score in the 90s and not just skimp by. Im a wifi engineer by trade and the devil is in the details. Ton of value in the CWSP.

    Let me know if you need some coaching. I will be glad to offer my assistance and pass on the knowledge.

  • Ok George, now can you go take it for me? Lol

  • Congrats!

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