• This is my third attempt at the CWSP, (46%, 61% previous attempts).  I've read the CWSP PW0-204 book once, The Triple Blendy, 802ll1 Authentication and Key Management (AKM), Robust Security Network (RSN) FAST BSS Transition (FT), and 802.11 Arbitration white papers.

    Before I begin the practice test on the CWNP website, does ANYONE have any recommendation of what I need to study up on besides what I list on top?

  • Make sure your study is based on the exam objectives.  I've heard that "Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i" is a good study resource, but I haven't read it.  I'd also recommend the practice exams on the CWNP site -- they give you a good idea of what will be on the real exam and I found them to be most useful.

  • I didn't pass the CWSP until I got a copy of Implementing 802.1x Security Solutions by Jim Geier.

    Even with all of the other sources you mention, I couldn't find enough information that adequately covered the Objectives until I got this book.    More networking hands-on work might also have made the difference, but I didn't have that opportunity.

    If ever there were a CWSP exam that needed you to Study to the Objectives, it is the CWSP.

  • I had let my CWSP expire back in the summer of 2011, so I was playing catch up.  I was able to pass the PWO-204 on the first attempt and it was much more difficult than I when I took it back around 2005. I can only echo what the other people said and that's stick to the exam objectives and make sure you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter, that will enable you to answer any question that is put before you.  The practice tests are a great barometer in which to gauge your level of knowledge and how well you comprehend the material that you've studied. Today I just passed the CWNA (PW0-104), that was the second attempt, I missed it close with a 68% two weeks ago, but I came back today and scored an 81%, that test was also much more difficult than when I first took it back in 2004. Good luck with your exam.

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