• i'm studying for CWSP.. and i'm learning about 802.1x and EAP and i have two questions:

    what is the differneces between them?

    how do you actually implement 802.1x or EAP practically onto a WLAN network?

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    That is a big question..... way too much to cover in one message.

    Use the study guide and whitepapers to learn the differences about all the flavors of EAP. The key word is "Extensible" as in Extensible Authenication Protocol.

    The main thing to understand is that every flavor of EAP is different in the way that they perform authenication. EAP also provides dynamic encryption but this is a by-product of the authentication process and pretty much the same in every type of EAP.

    Learn the entire authenication processes in all these flavors of EAP:

    EAP-PEAP - Cisco version
    EAP-PEAP - Microsoft verson

    Also learn how process on how dynamic encryption key generation works after mutual authentication occurs in all of these protocols except EAP-MD5.


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    i know what EAP and it's variants are. I'm interested in implementing it. how does the client authenticate for example?

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