• Anyone know of a good one for the Win32 platform? A Google search is not turning much up for me.


  • Are you talking about an algorithm that will translate a passphrase into four WEP keys, like in the Linksys access point firmware?

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  • This page merely converts a random or user-supplied string of ANSI characters to their two-digit hexadecimal values. The passphrase can be easily decrypted by performing the reverse of the translation. I'm not sure why the author considers this a "strong" key generator.

    The MD5 hashed passphrase algorithm is much stronger because the original passphrase use to generate the WEP key(s) can't be decrypted using just the WEP keys themselves.

    I suppose it's all moot because 802.11 leaks WEP key information like a sieve anyway.

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    That is correct..... better choice is to go with WPA/TKIP.

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