• I have a client that has recently expressed an interest in a particular handheld device and has a high level of security required for the proposed use of these devices. The devices are:

    Bootloader Version R(3.0.13)
    OS=Windows CE.Net

    I am in the process of gaining a terminal from the VAR for testing however, whilst waiting.... I am interested in knowing if anyone has implemented a similar solution, where the client security requirements are of a relatively high level (definately beyond 128 bit WEP).


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    Check out MeetingHouse ( and Funk Software ( for client supplicant software for handhelds. They both support many EAP types.


  • Hi Joel,

    Thank you for the info. I appologise for the delay.... has been a little busy over here in Aus. Just for info, FUNK do not support CE .NET but thanks for the info on Meetinghouse. The solution looks to scale nicely for them.


  • Fortress Technologies offers AirFortress, which is FIPS 140 compliant and has a PocketPC client.

  • Hi Casey,

    Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, the requirement is for CE.Net 4.2 clients, not Pocket PC. I am currently working with the local (Australian) distributors of FUNK Software to get my hands on an Odyssey Beta that supports CE.Net 4.2.

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    Check your e-mail. The beta version of the Odyssey 4.0 client is available here:

    There is a new beta for Windows CE clients. I have never tried it. I have tried the beta for both PocketPC and XP/2000 and they work fantastic.

    See you in Sydney in 10 days!

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