• In Toronto, I didn't find any other technical institution or community college who gives course and labs for CWSP specifically!

    And the fact that I failed the first attempt, made me look like a fool. But soon I realized that it is more than that of studying just the CWSP study guide, and with a heavy heart, I started to study again. But after reading your replies that some of them had gone for even third attempt to success, it made me to feel easy in my heart the fact that I am not the only one. Thanks for your honesty.

    Coming back to the suggested methods for CWSP, apart from a server machine (Windows 2003 Server, for example), connected to a SMC wireless router, Cisco’s ACS v3 installed and a client machine with Cisco’s PC4800 DS wireless PCI LAN adapter and with Aironet client utility installed, and a laptop with D-Link wireless card, could anyone please suggest what more is needed, except that I already have CWSP official study guide?

    Should I refer to some other books which deal with more scenarios and practical examples? What is that 30 software?

    I highly appreciate anyone of your help please!

    With kind regards

  • Hi Joseph of Toronto:

    I recommend reading the parts of the 802.11 standards that pertain to authentication and data protection.

    Get them for free at:

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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