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    We are not directly involved in CertMag's salary survey, except that we receive the results. Their methodology is outlined in the actual article:

    There are several CWNP Education Centers in the NE, but I would be personally responsible for a mutiny if I even hinted about discounts. You need to contact the training centers in your area to discuss the cost of CWNP training.

  • I read the CertMag salary survey twice and once backword but I can't seem to find their methodology. The only it mentions is that x% respondents say this and that. They probably had 2 people responding with cwsp certification and 2000 responding with ccie certification and it probably happened that those 2 cwsp people also had ccie and were earning high salary. Just speculating...

    Lets get real here, if someone advertises that cwsp is the 2nd highest paying certification than they should have details on how it was determined. Not trying to poke holes into anyone's business, just trying to understand the facts.


  • kamran Escribió:

    Lets get real here, if someone advertises that cwsp is the 2nd highest paying certification than they should have details on how it was determined. Not trying to poke holes into anyone's business, just trying to understand the facts.


    This is true. Is it marketing fluff or real.

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    Marketing fluff? I don't know what Certification Magazine would gain by over-promoting a CWNP certification. If you're implying that it's OUR marketing fluff, it's not: we did not participate in the survey.

    When I said "methodology" above, I misspoke. The article tells how many people participated in their survey. I can only assume, because I do not know and am only guessing, that a certain number of people that they interviewed have earned the CWSP certification and the average of their salaries is $94k.

    We just pass on the information that Certification Magazine reports from an annual survey. If you want to know what CertMag's methodology is, please direct that question to Certification Magazine. The editor, and author of the salary survey article, is Tim Sosbe,

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    I am a vendor neutral party. I participated a year back in the survey when I was made the CWNA. I was in the Army then and made just enough to cover the rent?

    I got hired three months ago,and make what it advertised. While not well known, YET, they will increa$e in DEMAND as the standards evolve. Trust me, I am seeing the VALUE. Get in and keep current, this is the key to your success.

    [b]By the way I have no financial dealings , nor have been contacted by any Planet3 representative nor any vendor for employment or for any promotion of their products.

    I am alone out here with a constantly beaconing SSID...))) Beam me up!


  • compughter, just curious as to what experience you have. You do not walk into an 85k a year job by just obtaining a couple of certs.

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    You are right! I spent over 20 years in the military.
    I just got out, and took the CWNA /CWSP exams in time for this current position. I used that as my bait for the employers.

    send out your resume with CWNA/CWSP up top and link them to the CWNP will work.

    But for the record...

    Most of my time was in tactical satellite systems. Deploying multichannel microwave systems,designing and planning the networks. So RF is not a hard thing for me. Just got to get this IT terminology in my ex-military mind. I took courses on Cisco Routers and other networking equipment, and know a bit about them ..I can handle my own, as I took the A+ computer course last year . Never went for any of these certs. I considered them, in the military you don't need certs.

    I did a lot of online correspondence IT courses through a program called SMARTFORCE the past three years, since this happened, as in the move up and your experience becomes supervising people. I was not as technically involved with equipment after my 10th year in the Army. I became a teacher, trainer and supporter , motivator, mentor of Soldiers. Less hands on more instructing, groomng future leaders.

    That is one of the things that got me hired, and a good salary. Being able to deal with people .

    I supervise no one today ,and yes I earn that amount, honestly.

    So there you have it, I have some experience, just not as technical as some might have over the past 20 years who have lived with the gadgets in the IT world.

  • Well, congrats to you. After 20 years in the service you deserve to earn a good living. Having RF experience most likely helped you out alot.

    I have the CWNA, CWSP as well as cisco certs and experience. Several months ago I posted my resume on etc... and did not get one response for wireless networking. Just cisco networking types of positions. I have not given up on working within th e wireless field though. In a couple of weeks I am schedualed to take the CWAP exam. I am hoping that is the ticket for admission into a wireless networking position. Wireless is new and exciting.

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    badger11, where are you located at? I can do some researching and see what is available in your area ? You earned the certs , now its time to put them to work.

    Don't let these career sites defeat you. Get in your phone book and or google search for wireless lan companies in your area. Call or email them about positions.


    When you search , use careerbuilder/ monster /hotjobs at yahoo, not looking soley for CWNP , I type in WLAN, wireless lan , wireless site survey., 802.11 .wireless security, wireless architect,

    Use google to find wireless hotspots around who might know somebody who needs your skill.

    I know this is optimistic , ...reality check, there are disappointments, but NEVER QUIT!

  • Yeah I have tried all of that. I also went to symbols website and a few others and e-mailed their integrators and Cisco's integrators in my area and out of my area with no results. It seems that wireless is growing fast but not fast enough for companies to hire someone with just certs and no wireless experience at this time.

    I have yet to give up because I know the value of what I have learned. If I had given up I would not be studying for the cwap exam. It is just a matter of time till I get my feet wet in wireless and then everyone will want me.


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