• I've attended many beta classes over the last twelve years. For that matter, I've created and taught just as many. The CWSP beta class in Atlanta, GA, held on March 7-11, was certainly worth my time.

    Devin was able to answer questions easily, and thoroughly, even though we were working with the most recent, state-of-the-art, in wireless security technologies. The side conversations between attendees and the Planet3 Wireless staff, were both enlightening and entertaining.

    The opportunity to touch this equipment makes the registration cost worth it by itself. Being able to test - ok I'll be honest - play-around-with - the various equipment from multiple vendors is a huge plus.

    I can recommend this training to both those who are seeking CWSP certifiation and those who want a well-rounded, experience-based education in wireless security. Planet3 knows wireless and the training materials and instructor knowledge shows it.

    -Tom Carpenter

  • Thanks Tom! Hope all is well on your end amigo!


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