• This is something that has bugged me. If I do what I want to be "secure" and not brodcast the ssid, Silly XP can't see it to config it. Or even if I get in network proprties and make it in there. It will have a hard time finding it. It wants to go to the neibers AP. If I'm haveing this much truble with it. How do you get around it in a big working inviornment??
    ANy ideas,

    Thanks guys,

  • I have also experienced the same issue with XP.

    However, I dont hide the SSID any more as it is not really a security measure anyway. Just run up a protocol analyser or a linux box and you can see the 'hidden' network anyway.

    My advice would be not to bother trying to hide the SSID. Just use 'proper' security meaures.

    Just my two-pennies worth :-)


  • "Your computer connects to an access point that broadcasts its SSID instead of an access point that does not broadcast its SSID" is the tile of a Microsoft support article:;en-us;811427


  • Hi PhilM:

    Broadcasting your SSID helps your neighbors to configure their equipment to minimize conflicts with you. Identifying yourself in your SSID helps them know who to talk to about mutual configuration improvements. For example I use the following SSID at home: The Hyde Family ESS

    For security use good encryption and good encryption key management.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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