• While I am waiting on the next revision of the CWSP book has anyone read the Cisco Wireless LAN Security book? There are only 2 responses on Amazon indicating the book is good but would like another opinion.

  • this book to me is one of the best WLAN security books out there. It is precise and very detail oriented. I recommend it to anyone trying to achieve understanding of Wi-Fi. Another great book as recommended by the Devinator ( my inspiration) is the IEEE 802.11 Handbook. Basically as an Instructor/Curriculum Developer in the IT field ( Microsoft;CISCO;COMPTIA )I have seen tons of books that do not deliver what they promised. The Planet3 books are miles ahead and any book recommended by any of these guys get my vote.There is another book that's forever under the's TCP/IP by Douglas Comer.Keep on pressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Casey, I have the 2nd edition of the IEEE 802.11 Handbook. I have not yet had time to read it cover to cover as I have to re-cert for the ccnp.

    I think I will purchase the Cisco Press book on wireless security. Thanks again.

  • you are extremely welcomed........keep me informed on your progress......I'll do the same. Good luck and God bless!!!!!!!!!

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