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    1 - Do I have to convert an Airopeek apc capture to a dmp file?
    2 - Are there an additional frames besides 802.11 Auth and LSAP-07 protocols that need to be captured?
    3 - When I run "asleap -r asleap.apc -f numbers_7.dat -n numbers.idx" I get "Using the passive attack method." echoed then nothing.
    4 - When I run "asleap -r asleap.dmp -f numbers_7.dat -n numbers.idx" I get "Using the passive attack method." "Closing pcap ..." echoed then nothing.


  • Install Winpcap v3.0 or later


    genkeys dictionary.txt dictionary.dat dictionary.idx (run this against your dictionary file called dictionary.txt)

    (this will take a regular word list and turn it into a hashed word list for use with ASLEAP - see below)
    (the dictionary is dictionary.txt, the index file is dictionary.idx, and the hashed dictionary is dictionary.dat)


    asleap -r AiroPeek_File.apc -f dictionary.dat -n dictionary.idx (run this against an AiroPeek File)


    asleap -r LibPcap_File.dmp -n dictionary.idx -f dictionary.dat (run this against a LibPcap File)

    The Numbers_7.apc file should yield the username and password

    This is from my CWSP clas I just got out of.. We did it and it works. Other than that , I don't know anything more!

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