• Anyone try this Global Knowledge course for CWSP?



  • Hi Crash:

    I audited this class in mid 2005 as a potential GK trainer. I enjoyed the instructor. ...

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

  • I'm the Course Director for the Global Knowledge wireless curriculum. The lecture portion is the full CWSP presentation with added notes. Since the official CWSP course guide consists of only powerpoint slides, I felt it would be best to add some notes giving additional explanation to the visual material. All SWN courses are taught by CWNTs for CWSP.

    The lab portion is slimmed down from the official CWSP curriculum. All intrusion concepts are covered, but the directions given allow for all students to participate. Wireless IPS is covered, but using AirMagnet Enterprise instead of Network Chemistry RF Protect. Infrastrcture solutions is the area where the lab time is reduced. SWN sticks to 802.11i standard security methods like WPA2 Personal and WPA2 Enterprise (with wireless VLANs, of course) whereas CWSP has additional labs pertaining to proprietary MAC layer encryption methods, VPN security and a few other security concepts.

    There are two reasons the labs were modified. Most importantly, I felt that it would be extremely difficult to fit all the labs into one week, much less the 4 day format that I feel is best for a wireless security class. Secondarily, I felt that certain labs were more of a showcasing of a niche, vendor-specific security method. I certainly mean no disrespect to these vendors or to the CWNP Program in saying that. I am just pointing out that I felt that sticking to more widely available security concepts was a better idea.

    As for a comparison between SWN and a CWSP class, I am biased so I cannot fairly comment on that. I will say that I am very happy with the way the class is run and very proud of how students respond to the class.

    I'll leave the comments from Criss alone other than to say that the SWN course has changed significantly since the time the decision was made that Criss didn't fit what Global Knowledge was looking for.

  • Before and during the week I audited the SWN class I received a warm welcome and positive support from the wireless courseware developer. Had I decided to take the gig as a GK contract instructor his influence would have been one of the reasons. I am sure the courseware has improved since then.

    Thanks. /criss

  • I took the GK course in Dallas back in December of 2005. Ben is a great instructor. I enjoyed the class and learned alot in it. Ben can get as simple as you want or as detailed as you want. I was in a small class which I personally like. Everyone at GK treated me great and I will definately go with them on future training needs.

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