• Hello all,
    I had a little doubt over some of the basics....I think i missed upon some important info here....plz help me out as it would help me understand the system better...
    I have a set of questions here..i`l jot them down..

    1. I believe that the initialization vector is an integral part fo the algorithm being used and it is the only entity in the TKIP encryption being changed.

    2. In automatic rekeying process does the "paraphrase" remain the same for the process...this one kinda flew past me..i did not understand dynamic key encryption..

    3. Does a client have the authority to reject the authentication of an access point if the access point tries to communicate to it(NOTE:Both the access point and the client are in open authentication mode and no encryption is used)

    4. In mutual authentication what are the other forms of verifiaction other than ssl certificates to ensure proper authentication?

    A little analogy or links would also do good....

  • Hi Hardik:

    1. TKIP builds on WEP changing, among other things, the initialization vector (IV) and the message integrity check (MIC).

    2. If you mean "pass-phrase" as used with WPA and WPA2, yes the pass-phrase and the preshared key derived from it remain unchanged until a human deliberately reconfigures them.

    3. In legacy "open" and "shared key" authentication, only clients authenticate to access points (AP). In Robust Security Networks (RSN) mutual authentication is supported through 802.1X/EAP. Multiple EAP types exist.

    4. EAP credentials, although complex, reduce to some combination of shared secret keys and public/private key pairs.

    I hope this helps. Can you add your location to your forum profile? Thanks. /criss

  • Thanx Criss...
    This info was quite useful.It actually verified all that i was thinking about.
    I wanted to know about the complexity and the level of knowledge one would need for appearing for the CWNA exam.Are questions regarding the each protocol frame or something like that are asked OR is more of the weightage given on the basics in the textbook.I was planning to appear for the exam in the first week of march.

    Thanx again,


  • Hardik:

    The certification exam is both general and detailed. It calls for much study.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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