• What reference, if any did you use for WIPS/WNMS? I've searched through the whitepapers here (1 sales pitch for a WIPS, with no protocol info at all), and online, but I'm having trouble finding any whitepapers or spec sheets that talk about the protocols?

  • Just to throw my 2 cents in on this one, sat for the CWSP exam yesterday morning, (missed it by 2, but I'll be back), heed that advice up there. WIPS, WNMS and WIDS ARE covered, the objectives don't lie. (I am still waiting for someone to give me some material to help with this). Also, know the key generation/management in depth, and and I wouldn't even attempt it without experience with troubleshooting/analyzer/cracking tools.

  • hootie,

    Did you sit a CWSP class? Any good CWSP trainer would be able to easily explain any information you need to know about WIPS/WNMS protocols in the course sections that cover those two topics.

  • I did, and KC did cover these subjects on the final day. At this point I am more looking for something I can have "in my hands" for future reference, and also hoping someone will post the same/links to the same for others to use as reference as well :)

  • I edited one of my above posts due to a forum violation.

  • IF you have done CWNA Is it a nessacary to take Wireless#, I think is not a pre-requsite for any other advance course

    Need feed back on CWSP to start with,


  • By (Deleted User)

    Wireless# is not a pre-requisite for CWNA, so, no it is not necessary to earn Wireless# for CWNA.

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