• Please clear my doubts:

    1. What is the length of a TKIP encryption key. I ve read that it
    consists of 6 byte IV and 6byte MAC address and 8 byte MIC which is
    optional along with 32bit CRC. In the book it was given that TKIP uses
    128 bit key length, im confused.

    2. In EAP-TLS is the user name is sent in clear text.

    3.In EAP-TTLS, please explain the statement," EAP-TTLS securely tunnels
    client authentication within TLS records".

    thank you.

  • Someone may want to move this question to the CWSP forum...

    1. TKIP uses 128 bit encryption keys. The reason you are confused is because the key does not simply consist of different appended parts the way WEP keys do.

    2. Yes, EAP-TLS sends the username in the clear. You can use PEAP/EAP-TLS or EAP-TTLS with certificates (depending on your supplicant software) if you want to use certificate based authentication while protecting the username.

    3. When using EAP-TTLS, a TLS tunnel is established before the real username or password is sent.

  • Please clear my doubt.

    1. How IPSEC is less platform specific encyption method than PPTP.

    thank you.

  • To catch a rogue AP, how does:
    1. Protocol Analyzer is used or how does it works
    2. Spectrum Analyzer is used or how does it works.

    Which one best, Please explain.

    thank you.

  • 1.Which EAP type can be used for WPA-PSK and for hot spots?

    2.What is the length of AES key in 802.11i

    3.In which WLAN appication MAC filtering is useful.

    thank you

  • Both types of analyzers track rogues by signal strength. As you walk in the direction of the rogue (or point a directional antenna at the rogue), the signal strength increases on the analyzer.

    WPA-PSK is an alternative to EAP. Both are authentication methods.

    CCMP encryption uses 128-bit AES key lengths.

    I use MAC filtering at home. It is useful when you don't want your girlfriend to visit your apartment when you are out of town and then call you at 1 a.m. east coast time because she doesn't know how to enter a gosh darn encryption key.

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