• Took the test this morning. Got a 68, but a good idea of a couple of areas to polish up on.

    Only have a couple of complaints. Some of the graphics you have to look at are awfully small. Had to push my nose up to the glass to see enough detail to figure out what was on the screen.

    Also, you really should change the splash screen at the end. Congratualtions - You Failed is kinda cold. I know it says you finished the test in between the two statements, but how but changing to "We're Sorry" instead of congratulations.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Hi Wade,

    Sorry you did not pass on this try, and more than that, sorry about the false congrats on the final splash page. Did you take the exam at Prometric or VUE? We'll get that changed pronto.

  • Took it at a Vue site.


  • Understanding the disappointment in failing an exam especially being that close.

    Based on your previous certs and your current employment, what areas did you find that gave you the greatest grief.

    I have a CWNA and Wireless# plus several Comptia Certs, but was thinking that I would do the Comptia Security+ before I attempted the CWSP.

    My thoughts behind that are as follows:

    They have just released the new version of the exam and the new study guide will not be available until summer.

    I am projecting at least 3 months of study in preparation plus working on my own WISP environment as a way of preparing for the exam.

    Your thoughts?

  • Without getting too specific, WPA2 Ad-Hoc and some questions around spicific WIPS/WIDS product screens gave me the most trouble. I hadn't focused on AdHoc security in studying and the only WIDS/WIPS I have experince with is what is built into Cisco's new wireless gear.

    I also drew some blanks around key heirarhy, but those I should have known. I just couldn't get those brain cells to cooperate.

    I figured I was close on passing going in, but it was worth a shot. My prep was basically to read the old study guide, review the IEEE 802.11 Handbook, and review the actual 802.11i standard. After taking the test I would say I need a little more time w/ the Handbook and the 11i standard and maybe find some examples of WIPS/WIDS screens.

  • Kevin,
    The congrats on the last page is a pretty horrible thing honestly. I am a HUGE CWNP fan, and highly value all of my CWNP certs, but this really sticks in my craw. The first time I sat the CWNA I went through the exileration of thinking I had passed the test and the humbling realization that I hadn't read the page correctly. When I went through the second boot camp, I warned everyone in the class to look out for it. Several times. I still saw two of the guys go through the emotional wash of thinking they had licked it, then a few minute seconds later reading it fully (they eventually passed it that week anyway). Can ANYTHING be done to change the format of the last page?!?!

  • By (Deleted User)

    Absolutely. That's why I said we'd get that fixed pronto. It's a template from Prometric / VUE. Not passing the buck here, but we just have to tell them to make the change.

  • Missed the part at the bottom of your last post Kevin, sorry!!! THANKS for getting that taken care of, that is huge! I wasn't looking forward to it with the CWAP.

  • It still says congratulations you did not pass on Vue tests. Oh well, at least my score was higher last time.

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