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  • What reference, if any is there for WIPS/WNMS/WIDS? I've searched through the whitepapers here (1 sales pitch for a WIPS, with no protocol info at all), and online, but I'm having trouble finding any whitepapers or spec sheets that talk about the protocols? I can find plenty of vendors, but none that wish to divulge their secrets.

  • No secrets here but good reading. Try this link for information about protection systems.

  • I tried to access this last night, specifically the WIPS white paper, even registered, but all I got was a thanks, we'll be in touch?

  • I'll look into it when I get to the office on Monday and send you a better link or some other information.

  • Here is the AirTight patent on WIPS that recently was aprroved. Bryan's boys at AirDefense are contesting it, of course, but it does give a good insight into the protocols you are looking for.,002,943.WKU.&OS=PN/7,002,943&RS=PN/7,002,943

  • hootie,

    If you fill out the information request online, you should get a reply with the white papers. If you have an issue with this, send me a PM and I will try to get the information to you in another format.

  • I did fill it out, never got a response, but I would definitely appreciate any help :)

  • hootie,

    If AirDefense is lagging try AirMagnet ( Take a look at their AM Enterprise product. I believe they have some papers on WIPS. Another option is those patent-hounds at AirTight ( might have something.

    That patent I linked to does provide very detailed information on the protocols that are used with WIPS. I know it is a tough read, but it's all there.

  • A wealth of info Ben, I do appreciate it :)

  • The person that handles requests is out this week. Hootie, send me a PM with your email address and the specfic items for which you are looking and I will get them to you.

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