• CWSP, as of today. Thanks bunches for making my brain bleed Kev/Dev. Many many thanks to KC, once again for the excellent instruction. Now for a short rest and wound licking before I tackle the Wireless#. It's been said here before, but I'll say it again, hands-on with analyzers, wips, and every other tool I could find was key.

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    Well done, hootie. Please share how you prepped, for those out there wondering what to do without an updated CWSP Study Guide.


  • Research, research, research. For every objective, found and read all the whitepapers I could get my hands on, the "chicken" and "RSN" papers, 4 of the recommended reading books, CWSP study guide v2 w/ the associated courseware, the demo versions of protocol analyzers, network sniffers, spectrum analyzers, topped off with a polishing session with KC. After all that I still just squeaked by on my 2nd attempt, but it was a pass. Brings up a question though? If I retake in an attempt to improve my score, and bomb, does that affect my certification?

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    Check here:

    Unless you're aiming to be CWNT, and have applied/paid, you cannot retake the same exam.

  • CWNT is what I was talking about, and I knew I needed permission, but this doesn't answer what would happen if the retake score was not passing.

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    Once you apply for CWNT, you can be granted permission for a retake, but, no, doing worse does not affect your certification.

  • I wanted to say congrats to you hootie. VERY nice work!


  • Many thanks to both of you Kevin and Devin, for creating a program that does much more than see who can memorize enough brainshare dumps to "earn" certification. This program has not only taught me a lot, but has driven me to learn more. I'm still hoping to raise my scores, I know a pass is a pass, but then again mastery of the knowledge is something else :).

  • Hootie,

    If some one bets on Dumps for CWSP and CWAP .
    They will have a Nightmare.

    I donno abt CWNA becoz i did that 2 years AGO.

    Anyhow Congrats on Earning CWSP V2.

    Best Regards,
    S.Senthilraj CWNA,CWAP,CWSP

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