• The CWSP course guide is your best bet for study material. The course guide essentially reprints the powerpoint slides from the CWSP presentation, but if you take good notes during an instructor-led CWSP course the instructor should be able to explain the concepts closely. When I took the latest version of the CWSP exam, I felt that the CWSP course guide hit all of the concepts I needed perfectly.

    I understand that you may not want to take the course for whatever reason. I really can't help you from personal experience on a book recommendation. I will say that a couple of other instructors I know felt that Real 802.11 Security was a great help to them.

    As far as application familiarity, that is a tough one. Since hacking software is free, use Aircrack, coWPAtty and ASLEAP. You can also download the Prism Test Utility off the internet. That software does the Queensland attack.

    For the security labs, the most important thing is understanding the concept of what the software or appliance can do. I hate to say this, but vendor marketing material may help.

    Since buying a full fledged WIPS, WNMS or WLAN Controller probably isn't going to happen, at least get yourself a Cisco AP (1130 or 1240). That way you can do WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise. Also, take advantage of Juniper/Funk's free trials for SBR and Odyssey.

    When choosing which Cisco AP to buy, the 1130 is cheaper and has integrated antennas, but the 1240 can be used as a bridge as well.

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