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  • Hi folks,

    First, a very quick intro. I'm Steve Kalman, CEH, CHFI and CISSP instructor. I also consult. I've been in online forums since the early days of Compuserve. I plan to be a regular reader and infrequent poster here as I get ready to add wireless certs to my courseload.

    Second, the question that brought me here.

    I need to supply an "at your own risk" splash page that users in a public area must OK before going on to the internet. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? This is for a community center that will not be generating revenue (Internet access for community members as a courtesy).

  • Greetings,

    Here is a link to a thread that may help you.

    Here is an inexpensive product. I have never used it, so at your own risk.

    Welcome to the forums!

  • If you're looking for a, "how can I do this?" kind of thing, then you should look at products that have captive portal functionality like the Symbol WS-2000, Bluesocket WG-400, Airespace 2000, and others. If you're looking for the verbiage for such a splash page, I suggest you visit a few of your favority coffee shops and take a look at theirs. :-)


  • Devin,
    I'm beginning to think you don't like my suggestions. :) The symbol is just a switch, so the AP is still needed. Spending twice or three times the price just seems a bit overkill in a simple public access environment.
    Don't worry Devin, I'm not taking it personally. :)

  • hehehe. Sorry Gene, I didn't read your post thoroughly - I just glanced at it and thought I'd throw in my $0.02. :-)


  • If you have some old hardware available, I know some folks that have used ZoneCD. I was planning to do some testing on it. Check it out.


  • I want to be CEH certified, but i dont know how to do it ( as  i m beginner ).So if somebody could help me out how else can i study and get CEH? Please help me out, i shall b really thankful to you for replying.

  • Well, this forum is about wireless networking and has very little to do with penetration testing. You'd be better off searching for CEH specific forums and study groups. Even then, start a new thread instead of picking up a decade old one.

    If you really are a beginner, CEH shouldn't be your first goal. I don't mean that you need to pay for the certifications, but study first CompTIA Security+, Network+ and Linux+. I'd say you'll need more Linux skills, so Linux Foundation's LFCS or RedHat's RHCSA would be on my list as well. After those you should go through the tools in Kali Linux to see what they do and how they do it. After all that you are better prepared to study for CEH.

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