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    I need to know what cards I should get that will allow me to test any wireless enviroment. I would also like to know what is the cheapest card that will do everything. I want it to work in Linux and Windows without jumping through hoops. So what do you guys use ?

  • Netgear WAG511. It is an 802.11a/b/g PC card with an Atheros 5001X chipset. The Atheros chipset allows it to work with many analysis and security tools.

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    My history with WAG511 Netgear cards has been one bereft of praise. It's a great card - when it chooses to cooperate - which for me was just shy of never. (It would always start great - then quickly descend into the depths of pure inoperability [this is a family site].) I shot a hole in one, and gave the other away. I have had outstanding response from Cisco's a/b/g - same atheros chipset - ... Ben, I thought you were getting enthused about Proxim's (again, atheros). I know some people have been quite happy with Netgear - and, they and I were using dell's - but - "it sure didn't work for me".....

  • Hi Bobby,

    Check out this site, this gives the linux compatibility for various cards.

    A guy called HJ Heins has painfully kept track of things and has done a great job. Kudos to him :-)


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