• Did anyone pass CWSP using new CWSP Study Guide? I am reading it and it is kinda generic and doesn't cover deep protocol details. I have lot of respect for CWSP exam and just want to make sure if this study guide is enough to tackle this tough test or I need to read more books.

    Any input is highly appreciated.


  • Morning... this is Rick one of the CWSP v2 authors. Can you clarify what you are referring to as ?¡é?€??protocol coverage?¡é?€?? since this covers a potentially wide gamut? Regarding critical WLAN security facets such as WEP/WPA/802.11i there is a great deal of depth and breadth on these concepts as well as VPNs, authentication, WIDS/WIPS, etc.

    The book also was targeted to address the requirements of the new exam (of course ;) which explains the number of different topic areas. We did use the new requirements list as a guide for selecting the topics to best cover the broad WLAN security spectrum: Note that for scenario questions on the CWNP exams, the book (or any book) by itself will only provide part of the answer (the raw facts) and the rest will likely come from your own experience with the relevant technologies and tools. Some questions are intended to require the student to synthesize the facts to draw usable, ?¡é?€??real world?¡é?€?? conclusions.

    Let me know more about what protocol details you mean and I would be happy to help where I can.


  • Hi,
    I havent taken the test yet, but just wanted to say i am really enjoying reading the book, seems pretty comprehensive to me. I was pleasently surprised being exposed to so much information i had not been aware of after just having read the first 50 pages. The book is full of references and any further information i desired, relating to the topics, was easily within view of my internet browser.
    Once again, my Hat is off to the authors and to CWNP for another great contribution to the administrative and technical community who support wireless lans.

    Many thanks,

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