• Here are some of the questions that i hope experts would give me some help of:

    1. how does AS (authentication server) generate the master key (MK)? that is, what is the formula.
    2. when MK is sent to STA, is it sent in the clear? can it be sniffed (say in the wired network)?
    3. how is pairewise master key (PMK) get generated? what is the forumla?
    4. when PMK is sent to AP (acess point), is it sent in the clear? cany anyone sniff it?
    5. are Snonce and Anonce sent in the clear? i did not see any encryption in EAPoL.
    6. is the group temporal key (GTK) sent in the clear?


  • Do a search in the whitepapers section for "chicken paper". This will answer many of your questions.

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