• Okay also, to reply to oldguy's list last entry

    The acronym ?¡é?€??PAC?¡é?€?? is overloaded; used both as Kerberos ?¡é?€??Protected Attribute Certificate?¡é?€?? and as EAP-FAST ?¡é?€??Protected Access Credential?¡é?€??. I believe the text should point this out more clearly and add the EAP-FAST usage to the Index.

    on page 286, last sentence at the bottom of the page we have "Privilege Attribute Certificate" as the third use of PAC in the study guide.

    So to sum it up CWSP v2 study guide definitions of PAC are:

    Protected Access Credential
    Protected Attribute Certificate
    Privilege Attribute Certificate

    Wow better know what is what in what context of use and technology before taking the exam...

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