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    Just to be sure we have the bases covered, here are a few more:

    Acronym Definition
    PAC Pacific
    PAC Political Action Committee
    PAC Certified Physician Assistant
    PAC Pacific Air Command
    PAC Pacific Area Command
    PAC Pacific Athletic Conference
    PAC Packaging Association of Canada (Association Canadienne d'Emballage)
    PAC Packet Access Connection (AT&T)
    PAC Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (Kamra, Pakistan)
    PAC Pampanga Agricultural College (Philippines)
    PAC Pan African Congress
    PAC Pan American Crossing (undersea FO cable link)
    PAC Pan-Africanist Congress (South Africa)
    PAC Panasonic Academic Challenge
    PAC Parent Action Council
    PAC Parent Advisory Committee
    PAC Parent Advisory Council
    PAC Participating Associate Contractor
    PAC Particle Accelerator Conference
    PAC Particle Accelerator Control
    PAC Partido Acci???3n Ciudadana (Citizen Action Party, Costa Rica)
    PAC Partnership Africa Canada
    PAC Passive Acoustic Classification
    PAC Password Access Code (Teltronics Vision PBX)
    PAC Past Award Conference
    PAC Patent Assistance Center (USPTO)
    PAC Patient Advocacy Coalition
    PAC Patient Airlift Center (USAF)
    PAC Patriot Advanced Capability
    PAC Patriot Anti Capability
    PAC Pay At Consumption (similar to Vendor Managed Inventory, VMI)
    PAC PCI AGP Controller (Intel)
    PAC Peach Autism Center
    PAC Pediatric AIDS Canada
    PAC Pentagon Athletic Club
    PAC People Against Cancer
    PAC Perceptual Audio Coder
    PAC Perceptual Audio Coding
    PAC Perfect Authentic Cadence (music)
    PAC Performing Arts Center
    PAC Personal Air Communication Technology (protocol)
    PAC Personnel Actions Command (US Army)
    PAC Personnel Administration Center
    PAC Personnel and Administrative Center
    PAC Petites Annonces Class????es
    PAC Petits Animaux de Compagnie
    PAC Phase Ambiguity Correction
    PAC Photoactive Compound
    PAC Physical Acoustics Corporation
    PAC Physician's Assistant Certified
    PAC Picture Archiving and Communication (radiology)
    PAC Pilgrim Area Collaborative
    PAC Pilot At Controls
    PAC Pilots Association of Canada (Union)
    PAC Pinpoint Address Code
    PAC Planetarium Association of Canada
    PAC Planned Amortization Class
    PAC Plant Artificial Chromosome
    PAC Plasma Arc Curing (dental technology)
    PAC Plasma Arc Cutting
    PAC Platform Adapter Component (Sun Microsystems; NetDynamics)
    PAC Platform Applicable Clients (Visual Networks)
    PAC Plowshare Advisory Committee
    PAC Pocket Access (Microsoft)
    PAC Polar Atmospheric Chemistry
    PAC Policy Advisory Committee (Eumetsat)
    PAC Pol???-tica Agr???-cola Comum (Portuguese:Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
    PAC Politica Agricola Comune (Italian: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
    PAC Political Action Commission
    PAC Politique Agricole Commune (French: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
    PAC Polycyclic Aromatic Compound
    PAC Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
    PAC Porting Authorisation Code (telecommunications)
    PAC Post Award Conference
    PAC Postauthorization Change (USACE)
    PAC Potentially Adverse Condition
    PAC Powdered Activated Carbon (water treatment)
    PAC Powdered Active Carbon
    PAC Power Assisted Combatant
    PAC Power Aware Communications
    PAC Power Aware Computing
    PAC PPTP Access Concentrator
    PAC Pre-Admission Certification
    PAC Pre-Authorized Check
    PAC Pre-Authorized Collection (insurance)
    PAC Pre-Authorized Contribution
    PAC Pre-Authorized Contribution (retirement savings plan, Canada)
    PAC Preaction Calibration
    PAC Precision Attitude Control
    PAC Predict Application Control
    PAC Preliminary Acceptance Certificate
    PAC Premature Atrial Complex
    PAC Premature Atrial Contraction
    PAC Prepared Action Case
    PAC Presentation-Abstraction-Control
    PAC Price At Closing
    PAC Primary Address Code
    PAC Primary Angle Closure
    PAC Primex Aerospace Company
    PAC Prince Alfred College
    PAC Privilege Attribute Certificate
    PAC proanthocyanidin
    PAC Probably Approximately Correct (paradigm of learning in computational learning theory)
    PAC Probe Array Controller
    PAC Problem Action Center
    PAC Proceedings Authorization Committee (Ontario, Canada)
    PAC Process Analytical Chemistry
    PAC Procurement Assistance Center
    PAC Production Acceptance Certification
    PAC Production Acquisition Cost
    PAC Production Activity Control
    PAC Productivity Automation Concepts (Netherlands)
    PAC Professional Activities Committee
    PAC Professional Advancement Course
    PAC Professional Advisory Committee
    PAC Professional Advisory Council
    PAC Program Acquisition Cost
    PAC Program Advisory Committee
    PAC Programmable Analog Chips
    PAC Programmable Automation Controller
    PAC Prohibited Alcohol Concentration
    PAC Project Analysis Committee
    PAC Prosecutors Advisory Council
    PAC Provider Advisory Committee
    PAC Provincial Armed Constabulary (India)
    PAC Provisional Acceptance Certificate (construction contracts)
    PAC Proxy Automatic Configuration
    PAC Pseudo-Associative Cache
    PAC Public Access Catalog
    PAC Public Accounts Committee (UK)
    PAC Public Advisory Committee

    Just kidding. Thanks. /criss

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