• Hi Guys:
    Am currently working on a wireless project in my faculty "Faculty of engineering".we are using "PEAP" with "TKIP".the problem is the supplicant or "user config". we want the users not to go through a long precess configuring their PCs. i just wonder if we can wirte a program that auto configures these settings????????? we want to know "windows registery entreis" regarding those setteings in order to write a code that can alter these settings by just running it on the supplicant's PC or laptop.

    Hope i gave enough information about the problem. Plz guys i need ur help.

  • If you are using the Windows XP zero config utility for client configuration maybe you can use the utility to save the client configuration to a flash drive and use that to update the PCs? You can cheat a little to save you plugging a USB drive into each PC and store the contects of the drive of a remote server. You can then write a short script to run on each PC which calls confguration up from the remote server.

  • Asoa,

    You are correct about that, but the OP also stated correctly that the IAS server will use the AD directory to authenticate the clients. That for the most part requires that the users be members of the domain and thus policy settings can be applied.

  • let me clearify my self about "not part of the domain". wn u wana deploy a wireless LAN with EAP authintication u build a wireless group. now this gruop is not joint on the domain so u cant apply policies on these guys. Now the previous users are also part of the domain lets say "wired segment". so the difference that the wireless group is not joined to the domain but in meanwhile the users have usernames & passwords on the "wired part".

    -The IAS checks the usernames & passwords who are part of the domain
    -U cant apply policies on the wireless gruop coz the users in it are not joined to the domain.

    Guys i know its just confusing & i tried to convey my idea clearly. I hope i did that. Anyway thank u for ur care.

  • I understand now, thank you. But you did not answer my question as to why you do not add the computers to the domain? What are you trying to configure the computers or user profiles?

  • Even I don't understand why there are not joined to the domain! If there is any reason please could you elaborate so that we would be able to give you a solution by knowing your exact requirements.

  • Am so sorry guys for being late it was a DSL problem. the reason why the computers are not added to the domain is "Routine" we as graduate students are not allowed to access the domain in our University. Anyway the was very helpful & we are mdifying on this program to complete the rest of configurations like "Fast reconnect" option. We r trying to modify on registy but it seems the problem is related with the manufacturer of the NIC.

    We hope by the end of December every thing in this PEAP configuration is ok. Thank u guys for ur help & i'll keep u update with popping problems.

  • By (Deleted User)


    That is good to hear, sounds like the users were essentially acting as guest on the WLAN.

    Let us know how you have constructed the network and share links to help us all learn.

    What type of equipment are you using?

  • Guys i just wans ask one more question about using IAS with LDAP???? can we use IAS with LDAP instead of AD in order to complete the PEAP configuration?

    We r using 3COM "7760" & Cisco "1100" APs for implementing our project. both brands support 802.1x with EAP so we can complete our work using PEAP,also the coverage of these 2 brands is very good. i'll post more details about the whole project "technical details & funding" so we can all discuss these details.

    Thank u guys

  • MohdSabri, I am sure you realize AD uses LDAP so the question is a bit confusing. If you want to use a different application I might suggest some caution. MS as you know as well does not like to play nice with other than its own applications. You may want to use a different CA application to divest yourself of AD.

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