• Do you have any suggestion for the study material for CWSP. What is the most detail that cover the exam objective. I think that the official study guide is quite sparse. (rated 1/5 star in

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    For the CWSP exam in 2004 I use the official study guide plus my past experience in security, and some one recommended the ?¡é?€??Real 802.11 Security?¡é?€?? book. I took the practice exam from this site and after I completed the evaluation I look at the wrong questions one by one and study them from the book and took the examination again and that?¡é?€??s how I was able to pass the final exam.

    Good luck.

    Also don?¡é?€??t forget to read the many white papers from this site


  • You may also wish to read through the 802.11i ammendment. It is not an easy read but a good one for security. No matter what you read the most important thing is to study the exam objectives. The things you read should be focused on the objectives of the exam.

  • The objective show that the content cover large knowledge area include practical security problem. However it now show how deep is that. Also, regarding security book, the study guild only cover "theory" knowledge instead of practical issue. Is there any better reference material that more suitable for the topic listed.
    I'm looking for the content similar to the last chapters of the "real 802.11 .." book in lieu of the "paper security policy"

  • The "Wireless Security Handbook" by Earle.


  • Our own Mark Ciampa has come out with a book called "CWSP Guide to Wireless Security"

  • Wi-Foo isn't a bad choice either

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