• Check it out. The man knows what he's talking about...

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    Nice article. However, if I were going to deliberately attack a network and 802.1x was just not working for me - example knife to a gunfight (SOHO vs. Enterprise AP) then I'd just politely use the SSID in question and simply sniff out whatever I needed from the poor saps who inadvertently and unknowingly tried to associate with my rogue AP.

    Spoofing works well for scenarios like this and if manually managed by an attacker it would exceedingly hard for the local staff to figure out - if ever.  Given actual response times and normal operating procedures.



  • Um... what?


    A response to a post and article that is 3 years old? Plus, I'm not sure what you are eluding to in your post.


    That darn iPad...





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    Yeah, seriously Darby?  Is Devin's article from 2007 still relevant?  Methinks this post / reply is a candidate for the doink button.

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    For the record - I dislike Apple.


    I'm actually trying to "immerse" myself into this wireless stuff.

    I actually am reading the forum posts and responding to what I read. 


    Some people seem to think that if a thread was posted x years ago it is not relevant today.


    Sorry my friend that is not the case.

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    Point taken.  I'll keep my comments to myself.





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