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    Hi all, Great site. I've been lurking for some time and passed the CWNA exam last week. Thanks to all here that I have gleaned info from.

    My questions is, are the Learnkey CWSP training videos still relevant to the CWSP exam? I see that they were release in sep 2005. Has much changed in the exam requirements since then?

    I tried to search the forums but couldnt find any up to date info on the vids.

    Thank you in advance.



  • We are working on a CWSP update at this moment. I can't give you a date of release yet, but it's soon. The LearnKey materials are relevant to the current exam to the best of my knowledge. Tom Carpenter, a frequenter of this forum, was the author on those. He's a fantastic speaker and author, and I'm sure he can help give you some pointers of where to focus any studying above and beyond the CBTs if you choose to go through them.


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    Thanks Devinator.

    I will wait and see if Tom Carpenter provides some info.

    Thanks again, and thanks to the CWNP comunity. This is a great location for wireless information and assistance.

    Great job to all the provide and support the CWNP program. I hope to one day be a CWNE and be able to assist or mentor in the same capacity as many do here.


  • As you stated, these CBTs were created in 2005. For this reason, you should keep the following objectives changes in mind as you go through the program:

    However, these newer topics and more detailed topics are covered in the CWSP study guide 2nd edition. Between the CBTs and the study guide you should be prepared for the 2006 exam.

    There's certainly nothing in the CBTs that will steer you wrong, you'll just need to brush up on these newer topics.

    I am in talks with LearnKey about updated their CBT program, but this will probably not happen until the new CWSP objectives come out.

    I hope this information helps you in your decision.


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    Tom... thanks for the reply.

    I have the CWSP 2nd Ed and other materials and am looking forward to adding this CBT to my study materials.

    Working in the IA field and being part of a newly installed and mostly understood technology, I can tell you that I am really exited to gain this knowledge and cert and apply to my job.

    Thanks again


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