• Hi,

    i am studying for CWSP , so any sort of a reply awaited FROM THOSE WHO DO n THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW ME.

    all r Welcome


  • If you don't mind, can you clarify your question?

  • hi ,

    Please help me to clarify with this :

    CWSP study guide - page 296 .
    it mentioned about some legacy auth protocols . and then the types of EAP's
    I was just confused , like which LAP ( legacy Auth Protocols ) are used with which of the EAP's types
    MD5 - can it be used by all the LAP,as it doesn't use any SSL certificate . and on the other end EAP-TLS , which uses client / server certificate , does it mean it can not be use with any of the LAP , as LAP are based on usernames / passwords.

    also is the 4way handshake is done b4r EAP Auth or after it .?


  • what is WiFi publishing?

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