• Has anyone tried the CWSP nuggets? If so, do they map to the objectives set by CWNP? Also, I noticed cbtnuggets also has a new release; CWNE. Just curious if anyone has seem them.

    Thank you

  • I have seen about 40% of the new CWNE videos. They are basically teaching the same thing that's in the CWAP book. Nothing really new there that's not in the CWAP book or the IEEE 802.11 Handbook. But if you like CBTs instead of books, the videos are very good.


  • Oh, and the CWSP videos are OK. They are really lacking in depth. It seems that the instructor just took notes on the CWSP book that was available at that time and did the videos. However, they may provide yet another way to get the information in your brain cells :D

    I generally like the technical content of the CBT Nuggets programs. The production quality is less than stellar, but that is not their intention. They do an overall good job of producing CBTs.

  • Thanks for the feedback Tom! I am like you in that watching the videos is just another way to get information to stick in the brain. I think the best method to use is the old fashion pencil and paper(taking notes) along with a study guide that maps to the objectives.

    Thank you

  • I was about to ask the same thing regarding the CWSP nuggets. I would like to assume since they are linked from the site, that they are consider 'of the best' CBTs for the CWSP certification track. Can anyone offer alternatives, or are there other CBTs that maybe need to be added to the link off

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Where is the link to CBTNuggets CWSP materials please?

    We link to approved third party materials here, under "Other Goodies":

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