• I am looking forward to getting another CWNP cert under my belt. To be honest, I enjoy this wireless stuff.

    Thank you

  • Hi ,

    So do i. I would like to have some more enterprise experience though.

    One question remains : How about if i pass the CWNE exam but do not have hands on experience ? Will i be a CWNE just for passing the exam ?

  • Batjedi,

    Passing the exam is one piece of the CWNE certification requirements. The remaining steps can be found here :

  • My question is if i pass CWNE exam it is worth for lifetime but i only will be recognized as such if i show CWNP those credentials ( like experience and others ) ?

    The certificate and the CWNE number would only be assigned when i show the credentials or after i pass the exam ?

    Once i pass the exam should i re-take if i don???¡ät show the credentials ?

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    You have to pass the exam first, then apply here:

    You have to have the credentials - experience, specific projects, very strong references - and pass the exam in order to apply.

  • hi,wifly & batjedi.i'm with you on tightening my belt one more notch.CWSP - the next level.been "warscanning" around Abuja,my country's capital the past three days with a PSP - cool! probably gun for mine in December, when I'm through with school.gettin some SOHO experience while i'm at it.cheers, guys.

  • one more thought...the CWNE, the way its been described is more than a certification its a lifestyle! mentoring, supervising, training, literally playing with analyzers like its a Nintendo GameBoy.And if they listen hard enough they'd probably be able to audibly detect PLCP headers. :-)
    i think i'd wait my turn for now, after someone else has passed the exam.Devin anyhope for a CWAP-type cert with hands-on labs CCIE style? ...please

  • I'm yet to receive my CWNA certificate despite the fact its been 5months since i took the xam (12th July 2007). i've filed a complaint on the site but i dont seem to be getting a reply from any one...whats happening?

  • Hi Salihu,

    If you have gotten your email notification of passing the exam, follow the link login update your profile details (especially your mailling address as that is the one used to send your kit). Go to certificate kit , and click on send my kit (without clciking on send kit button you will never get your kit sent).

    For hands on esperience i will suggest you get you school interested in implementing an campus wide enterprise wireless network. Make sure you take part in the deployment to gain experience. The company i work for have implement such solution for OAU Ife, ABU Zaria, Uni Agric Makurdi, and others. We wil be interest in implementing similar solution for your school , just get the right person to contact me and request for a propossal.

    Finally, its good to have certifications but remember that no employer hires you just because you have a paper but because you have the hands on skills. People get fired when there is a disconnect between certification obtained and hands on skills.
    I recently had to let loose a staff with such disconnect (had CCNA score of 1000 but little skills to show for it due majorly from using brain dumps and minorly by not having hands on practice)


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