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    This has always been a gray area for me. My first reaction is to say "No RSN due to WEP" ..but after re-checking a few spots I reconsider my answer, one of the resources I checked was an official CWSP flash/practice question which asks flat out if you can have a RSN with WEP in use - the answer given is yes, it is called a TSN. I then leaned to saying yes, you can have a RSN with WEP in place, even though it went against what Joel mentioned.

    I suppose it is all in parsing the words. Which is why I am hoping I don't see such a question on the actual CWSP exam. Although I am sure I will... :?

    ..maybe there can be a text box section for explaining your answers in future releases of the exams :D

    Any suggestions for going about such a question that directly asks if you can have a RSN with WEP in use?



    P.S. thanks for the link on profiles it had a lot of good info on it...I actually knew what one was (considering I've used them) and was rushing when I answered. :-//

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