• I passed the CWSP exam this morning. I spent about 25-30 minutes on the exam and didn't feel I rushed at all.

    A few tid-bits of advice:

    Get accustomed to the layout of each question. Pay attention to the 'Select one' 'Select two' directions.

    Know your "tools". WLAN Analyzers etc. Be able to see a screen shot and decipher what someone could ask you about any piece of a capture, etc.

    Invest in the CWNP official practice exams & the CWNPZone Flash cards. The CWNP practice exams were a big help- but I got to the point of knowing the answer before reading the entire question, which of course means the practice exams eventually became of little help. The CWSP flash cards built on what the exams had started, but instead of having multiple choice answers, they forced you to state the answer with nothing but what is in your head.

    What I used to pass:
    CWSP official book
    CWSP practice exams
    CWSP electronic flash cards
    A bit of real world experience
    CWNP forums

    Good luck to all who attempt it - it is a worthy adversary

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