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    Once again, it's been pointed out, this time by RSA, that enterprise WLAN use is growing rapidly but that appropriate security is lagging. Here's the article on

    Is it because there's not enough fully secure enterprise wireless gear on the market? I think not. The answer is people, properly trained people who understand how to properly secure an enterprise wireless network. THAT is what's lacking.

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  • Not surprising. Security usually takes second place to most everything. Cost, functionality and user friendliness are always before security.

    That's my world. Others may differ.

  • ?¡é?€??There?¡é?€??s a lagging education curve,?¡é?€?? is Winslow?¡é?€??s only explanation. ?¡é?€??Once it?¡é?€??s working from a technology perspective, how do you make it secure? We hope in the future to see a massive growth in properly secured APs.?¡é?€??


  • I agree there is a lagging education curve, but unless the manufacturers implement and enforce some sort of "out the box" default changes.Then for the reasons mentioned things wont change.
    Obviously they are trying to do something in the soho market with WPS but there is as big if not bigger problem with enterprise installations.
    Hopefully companies will insist on CWNP qualified personnel to intergrate their wlan systems, as anyone it seems can set themselves up and do untold damage through their lack of knowledge.


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