• Please check out my video on 802.1X/EAP Authentication:

    It's my latest off-the-cuff creation. Hopefully this will help those of you struggling with this topic.


  • Devinator,

    I am looking at your following post titles:

    Hacking LEAP with ASLEAP - Video

    802.1X/EAP Authentication - Video

    But the below listed website where the videos are
    mentioned is currently down:

    Is there someplace else I can view your videos?

    Thank you in advance for providing the videos
    for all of our Knowledge.



  • Hello guy...

    Well i can???¡ät see ur video...

    is there another link that we can watch it?I hope yes...


  • Yeah, what everybody else says...

    This site may work for you, but theres no...
    vestivus for the rest of us...

  • Hi Devinator,

    I can't seem to access the website either :-( Any ideas when it will be up and running and I am really looking forward to seeing the video as I'm really trying to get my head around 802.1X/EAP authentication.

    Kind regards


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