• Hello,

    I would like to order CWSP book from CWNP website. Unfortunately, in the system Netherlands is not listed and it asks me to go to distributor SSRI.

    The problem is, online shop in SSR-I is not working. Also a friend of mine tried to order the book in Germany from this distributor, and he told me that when you buy the book from this distributor, practice tests are not given for free as it is in CWNP website.

    I don't care about shipping cost, I'm willing to pay for extra shipping and I would like to order the book from CWNP including free practice tests.

    Who can solve this issue? Why are we suppose the pay more and get less in Western Europe?


  • go to and order there.

  • Hi Batjedi,

    I tried to order there but it doesn't mention that we will get the practice tests for free. Practice tests are in sale for another 49$.

    Do you know if it is bundled?


  • i am not sure but try to talk with Casey Collins from the CwnpZone and i believe he will be glad to assist you.

  • I sent an email to CWNPZone but still no response in 3 days. Let's see.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Hey ozgur23. If you contact me by email, perhaps we can get you one. I am one of the authors.

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