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    Hii Evrybody

    Can anybody point to gud source for leaning bout WPS (wi-fi protected setup) , it is covered as one of the objective for CWSP but I am not able to find any gud doc which explain it in depth .

    The whitepaper available at wi-fi site is also just an overview and doesnt talks much bout internal working

    Any pointers which help in understanding the working of WPS will be of great help .

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    This document should cover most everything that you might be tested on:

    You do not need to download and pay $99 for the WPS Specifications from the Wi-Fi Alliance. If you plan on designing hardware/software that is WPS compliant then I would recommend that you pay for and download the specs. Otherwise, the above URL should be enough for CWSP study purposes.

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    Hii david ,

    Thanks for pointing to the document. I have already gone through this doc , but it doesnt provide the details to the level of questions asked in CWSP .

    Some question as per cwsp practice TEST paper are very specific to standard what is allowed or not that too on per point basis.So for that level of understanding I guess some detailed doc is required
    as CWSP book doesnt covers anything bout this .

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    I just reviewed the CWSP objectives about WPS and most of the objectives are indeed covered in that document to a level about what you need to know about WPS.

    However, the topics of EAP-WSC and WPS WLAN Managers are not covered in that document. Under the non-disclosure agreement, I cannot brain-dump the CWSP exam, however I would suggest that you just do some Google research and know what these things are.

    WPS is Wi-Fi Security for dummies that is intended to force home users to use WPA/WPA2 security. In other words, I would not anticipate in-depth questions about all the inner workings of WPS. You need to understand the framework and purpose of WPS.

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    By the way,

    I want to praise you for going through the CWSP exam objectives when you are studying. The MOST important thing that everyone should do is read the CWNA or CWSP or CWNE objectives and make sure they understand the objectives before they sit an exam.

    A good portion of individuals that fail the exam do so simply because they fail to read the exam objectives.

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    Hii david

    Can you plz xplain how this IPIN configuration works with WPS . We have to enter the PIN which is diplayed on the clinet utility to AP interface , but how the AP will come to know that this is the client which needs the configuation , so if multiple clients are there , will the AP configure them with the WLAN settings same time ?

  • Viny -

    As David mentioned, the link he provided should suffice for the exam. Believe me when I say I understand your frustration on the lack of details available on WPS. Understand the various terms, and know your EAP types, you'll be fine.

    To answer your question (if I am understanding it correctly), the registrar (AP in this case) knows the client (enrollee) is the correct client due to the fact that you entered the PIN on it. Think of it almost like the authentication to your bank account using your ATM card at an ATM machine. (and by ATM I of course mean "automatic teller machine" and not the protocol "Asynchronous Transfer Mode") :D
    Hope the analogy helps.

    This paper may help as well.

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    Thanks Brett :)

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