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    I am just wondering how many Access Point can be in one SSID?

    Thanks for your help

  • So far as I know there is no limit. There is a limit on the host identifiers per service set of 2008, with one of them being the AP and 2007 being STA's. Each AP sharing the SSID would be in their own service set. It would be a very large ESS though if connected to the same DS.

    Is this a theory question or are you working on a large deployment?

  • I have the plan to write cwna exam. I got the 4th edition also. Anyone give me some tips to learn :(

  • Try to get as much hands on experience as you can and study from the exam objectives posted on the site not just the book. Also, post any questions you have here and use the online practice tests.

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    I agree, there really isn't a limit on the number of access points per SSID, but typically you will see the question the other way around, how many SSIDs can each Access Point support, and the answer I come across most in the industry is 16. Each radio can support upto 16 different networks, on different VLANs. Hope this helps :-)

  • Take note that the number of SSIDs an AP can support is up to the vendor and varies from product to product.

  • How many wireless computers can connect to a ssid which is in Ad-hoc Mode

  • I thought that:

    An ad-hoc laptop is the same as an access point for hosting as SSID. It uses software to do it though, not hardware.

    APs per SSID: No limit, as they can all be independent, and not part of an ESSID.
    As part of the same ESSID, that depends on the hardware's limit.

    SSIDs per AP: Vendor dependant. Usually just 1 or 2, but I've heard of 64 as an option.

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    ccollins Escribi?3:

    Take note that the number of SSIDs an AP can support is up to the vendor and varies from product to product.

    Absolutely, the number of SSIDs per AP is vendor specific, but the Enterprise vendors I work with (Cisco, Proxim, Nortel, 3Com, etc) all have support for up to 16 SSIDs per AP, and this is typically done in conjunction with VLANs, to differentiate the service being offered on each SSID to a specific group or user base.

    Of course, the Linksys, DLink, Netgear, etc. low end Access Points may be much less than 16, but the details are typically in the datasheets on the vendors page.

    Thanks for clarifying and issuing a well deserved warning, Casey!

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