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    Passed with a decent 78%...was shooting for higher score, especially in light that my next test is CWNE and that test is rumored to be much more the books I go...

    :P CENT/CCNA+Wireless next, as Cisco has just unveiled their new, sexy add-on program...and because Cisco is in 95% of fortune 500 companies...

    Thanks for helping me distinguish myself, CISSP is also on my horizon before my attempts at CWNE, but I'll get there ;-)

  • Hi Kevin,

    I also did the same exam on Friday: I passed - with 73% points - quite a poor score with respect to my expectations. I read the second edition of the CWSP official study guide and got familiarized to the questioning scenarios at the end of each chapter.
    I am now looking forward to earning my CISSP within six months but I do not have the stipulated 4 yrs experience required as a certification requirement.
    Kevin, I need your advice - how can I go about this? I live and work in Lagos, Nigeria and have less than two formal years of working exp in the IT market

  • olalekanpatrick -

    I'm not Kevin, but I'll offer this. It appears you are at somewhat of a roadblock. You need what studying can't provide - experience. A lot of the higher level certs out there (CISSP, CWNE, PMP) require real world verifiable experience. If I'm not mistaken CISSP has risen to 5 yrs experience or 4 yrs + a degree/certification (which you have with the CWSP). I'd recommend looking at the SSCP or one of the vendor specific certifications (depending on what vendor you work most with) in the meantime while you gain your experience.

    Good luck and keep up the work :D

  • You can still pass the exam and become an associate CISSP. See for the full details. It is valid for 6 years, which is enough time to get the experience.

    CISSP is an interesting exam. I expect you'll have no idea whether you've passed or failed afterwards, but that's part of the fun of it :)

  • Really? Gotta love this forum!
    Thank you all!

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