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    I understand that these are all possibilities, but how would anyone ever put a keylogger on another machine on the LAN once they're in? Once they are in, would you just sniff traffic for emails, bank info etc? Any details would be appreciated.
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    Hmmm. Seems that you have a misconception of "hacking" as a one-step process, i.e. hack the LAN or hack the WLAN?? Rather, hacking the WLAN is a way to gain entry into the LAN, as was previously noted. Once on the WLAN, they have the same access as being on a computer inside the building. So, yes, they could sniff for stuff but the next step would be the same methodology that got them on the WLAN ... ID targets, ID vulnerabilities, then attack. In a corporate environment, the outside attacker would normally not have access b/c of firewalls. But once inside, they bypass the FW via the wireless (depending on how secure that mushy middle is). So servers, devices, etc. could be targeted. Home PCs are pretty easy to target b/c many don't get patched; so scan for a vuln, hit it, gain access, drop a keylogger in ... and wait for you to log on to your bank's website. Now I have your login, so go to the site myself and ... well, they won't get anything from me :-) but you get the idea.

    Hope that helps. The WLAN becomes an entry point to the network (of note; best design practices would be to isolate the WLAN from the rest of the network via firewall, but that's an individual decision and varies by cirumstances).

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