• Questions from the CWSP Official Study Gude 2nd Edition

    Dear Sirs,
    First of, permit me to say excellent work with the book. The body of knowledge it holds and imbibes is wholistic, to put it the way I see it. I have a few things to talk about:
    Please, I know its kind of a long shot, but is there a glance sheet on which one could see a mapping of the CWSP PWO-200 Exam objectives to each chapter of the book, similar to one at the end of the Sybex CWNA Study Guide?

    A list of the figures, tables and a compilation of all mentioned/referenced websites

    Will the new PWO-104 exam introduce any changes to the PWO-200...just checking?

    A slight recommendation - please could the Chapter Review Questions be a little more technical and built around real-world scenarios and multi-layered (calling up foundational knowledge of previous chapters).

    Some areas I need clarification on -

    Chapter 1 - pg 7 - "There is no reason code in the 802.11 standard for 'Invalid SSID; thus the most likely reason code will be 'Unspecified reason' ".
    >>What is a reason code?

    "spanning tree priority of a rogue bridge must be set very high so that it doesn't become the root bridge and thus give itself away as a rogue"
    >> What's a spanning tree priority?

    Chapter 4 - DoS, pg 111, MAC Layer DoS Hijacking :-
    " capture a valid clients MAC address which is easily done if the network is not using encryption".
    >> I had thought only the data payload of an 802.11 frame is encrypted and that all the address fields (1-4) are cleartext transmissions or was that just with WEP? I haven't finished the book yet so please forgive me if I seem to be a little ahead of myself.

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