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    The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the coming of Wi-Fi Direct, billed as a new "peer-to-peer" technology that makes "everything an AP".

    What does this mean for Wi-Fi security?

  • Get all of your peer-to-peer defense ready.

  • The technical details in the article are of course limited. How is this different than the old IBSS ad-hoc networks? In case client devices aren't dumb enough already we are going to make it that much more complex.

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    Yep, I agree that this is a security nightmare. They say that the spec will include methods for enterprises to shut down Wi-Fi Direct devices, but it doesn't matter. There will always be a loophole for hackers. Configuring every non-AP Wi-Fi device to say "connect to me" is a disaster waiting to happen. For that reason, I'm eager to read the spec and see what connectivity methods they're using and what security protocols they're defining. IBSS isn't used or recommended for a reason.

    Bryan, this should help keep you busy. :)

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    CO-CHANNEL interference. (!)

    So much for dynamic frequency selection :?

    Hope they don't include "beam steering" in the mix of these peer to peer links?

  • FAQ of Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Does anyone know where these Wi-Fi Alliance people live ?.....grrrrrrrr



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    From said FAQ:

    How will security work for Wi-Fi Direct?

    Wi-Fi Direct networks operate in a security domain that is independent from any infrastructure network. This means that they have protection of WPA2, but are managed separately from the security system in the AP-based network (home, enterprise, hotspot). This means both the Wi-Fi Direct and the infrastructure networks can be protected, but users don???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ét need credentials for the infrastructure network to connect to the Wi-Fi Direct network.

    IOW, your new Wi-Fi Direct network is wide open?

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