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    Anyone used this service yet?


  • A PSK cracker with only 135 million dictionary file? This is why WPA-PSK is so much more secure than many would like to lead on. (The human factor to PSK is another discussion)

    If you only used uppercase, lowercase and numbers, an 8 character only pass phrase has 218,340,105,584,896 different possibilities. 135 million is way to low of number to sufficiently crack any PSK that isn't a real word or close to it.


    P.S. If your pass phrase was only 13 characters, it would have 200,028,539,268,669,788,905,472 combinations.

  • Is this for Free?

  • Pricing looks like it depends on the dictionary size and the number of processors dedicated to your PCAP file. Starting at $17 - $102. I did see where they have a 250,000,000 word dictionary file.

    That means that if someone randomized an 8 character pass phrase, their service has a 1 in 873,360 chance of cracking. 13 character pass phrase would be a one in 800,114,157,074,679 chance of cracking. I'll keep my $.


  • Yawn...Shmoocon Rainbow tables and Backtack and be done with it.


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