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    Hi all,
    I try to crack my own WEP key using "aircrack-ng-1.0-win". Actually i am using "linksys usb wireless adapter" this work with its own drivers. But when i run "airodump.exe" it shows as,
    o>lan adaptor
    a>atheros wireless adaptor
    thats it...Its not showing linksys adaptor. Please help me How to crack WEP key by another method.

    Thanks in advance,
    Manohar.G :D :D :D

  • A good place to start would be the numerous WEP cracking tools available in the penetration testing suite of tools in BackTrack.

    You may need to browse their forum for a fix for your adapter.

    Here's a nice tutorial from Lifehacker on using BackTrack to crack WEP:

    Also, Google can be your best friend with this type of project :)

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    Hi keny,
    Thanks for responding. I searched on google but only one single method "aircrack" is available. I followed "Train signal video tutorials" wep cracking video. Now I will work out your suggested link if I success let me know you.

  • hi Manohar,

    Look at youtube and you'll find lots of example vids.


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    Thanks Hope,

  • I know Airsnort is somewhat old, however from a easy to use windows perspective, works great!!!

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