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    Acknowledgments: Page ix, Vocera, "Steve Newsome" should be "Steve Newson" *Confirmed*

    Foreword: "David Westcott (CWNE #4)" should be "David Westcott (CWNE #7)" *Confirmed*

    Introduction: Page xxxiii, "Monitoring, Management, and Tracking - 20%" should be "Monitoring, Management, and Tracking - 25%" *Confirmed*

    Page 47: 10th line from the top, sentence should read: "This transform set is then used as the configuration settings of the VPN server and client." *Confirmed*

    Page 59: Q.10, Choice (C), "computers" should be "devices" *Confirmed*

    Page 85: Point #5, "AES clock cipher" should be "AES block cipher" *Confirmed*

    Page 87: On the CCMP Header part of the Figure. Refer to Figure 8.15 in section of the 802.11-2007 standard for a correction concerning the Key ID octet part.

    Page 94: Q.7, Choice (F) should be included in the answer too. *Confirmed*


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