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    Acknowledgments: Page ix, Vocera, "Steve Newsome" should be "Steve Newson" *Confirmed*

    Foreword: "David Westcott (CWNE #4)" should be "David Westcott (CWNE #7)" *Confirmed*

    Introduction: Page xxxiii, "Monitoring, Management, and Tracking - 20%" should be "Monitoring, Management, and Tracking - 25%" *Confirmed*

    Page 13: In the last paragraph, "key" shouldn't be confused with "cipher" as they're generally two different things. *Confirmed*

    Page 47: 10th line from the top, sentence should read: "This transform set is then used as the configuration settings of the VPN server and client." *Confirmed*

    Page 59: Q.10, Choice (C), "computers" should be "devices" *Confirmed*

    Page 85: Point #5, "AES clock cipher" should be "AES block cipher" *Confirmed*

    Page 87: Figure 3.10, concerning the CCMP Header part, Refer to Figure 8.15 in section of the 802.11-2007 standard for a correction concerning the Key ID octet part. *Confirmed*

    Page 94: Q.7, Choice (F) should be included in the answer too. *Confirmed*

    Page 241: Q.2, Choice (B) should read "256-bit PSK". *Confirmed*

    Page 271: Figure 7.16, FT action request/response frames include a field called "MDIR", it should read "MDIE" instead. *Confirmed*

    Page 374: 2nd paragraph, SSH port should read "443" instead of "883". *Confirmed*

    Page 600: under "key", "key" and "cipher" shouldn't be interchangeable terms, they're two different things. *Confirmed*





    Just a suggestion:

    I think the following might be helpful in Figure 7.14 [ page 269 ] under the Association Request and Association Response lines respectively:



    The MDIE and FTIE are mentioned in the text, but it may help to have the above mentioned on the diagram to ?discriminate? between ?regular old? association request and response frames and the FT types.

    Re Figure 7.15 [ p270 ]: Figure 11A4 of the 802.11r spec shows a ?MIC? element included in the FTIE of the Reassociation Request and Reassociation Response frames.

    The Figure shows the GTK as being ?outside? the FTIE in the Reassociation Response Frame ???. ROKH-ID ], GTK.

    I think it is actually included in the FTIE via the Optional Parameters field [ Subelement ID 2 ?GTK? ].

    In Figure 7.16, I think that the ?Anonce? is missing from The FT Action Response frame under the FTIE element.

    Similar ?MIC? element in FTIE as per Figure 7.15.



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