• I took my PW0-200 today to recert.  I passed with a 98%.  I studied the Official Study Guide for the PW0-200, the new Sybex book, and my copious notes from my Security University class a couple of years ago.  The student workbooks for the training were especially helpful as I studied again.  I work with a lot of the stuff daily, but I haven't actually studied it since the class.  I use it and understand it, but haven't really needed to delve deeply. 


    I found the practice tests here along with the question of the day helpful.  I worked through the questions, and answered them with an explanation.  If I got it right, I still wrote out the info, if I was wrong I looked it up and got a deeper understanding. 


    Thanks for the voucher, it made the recert pill a little easier to get by the wife.

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    Which practice exams are online and which others besides Sybex are available?

    I've not seen the new books yet but my old book did not come with practice exams when I bought it.





  • When I bought the voucher, I got access tto the CWNP practice tests.  There are a couple of practice tests on  They are only like 20 questions and don't really focus on the SP, rather the CWNA but the basics are important.  I used the CWNP tests most.  There are also test questions in the sybex book. I tried Transcender as we have a corporate account, but they don't have anything for CWNP.  I ought to write up some of the questions that I came up with through studying, but I am lazy....

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