• I think this may have to be my new pentest tool ... happy friday everyone.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Well I mean when you really have to be discrete...




  • Lol. That thing is hilarious. I can imagine showing up on-site to a clients and whipping that out with all seriousness. (Insert James Brown "Watch me work now...good gawd." as I fire it up lol)

  • Lol you might aswell take a hand granade and throw it in the data centre it  more discrete

    What is the world coming to. Would love to know the range!!

  • I may have to make one and put it in my cube.

  • Wireless Jon

    I think you could work from home and connect to the corporate wifi with that thing.

    I wonder if it would impress the ladies?

  • By (Deleted User)

    My coworkers up north all have Nerf guns and they have little mini shot outs and even kill wasps with them - don't ask they are in quite the "earthy" environment despite being near the big city.

    It's hilarious. 

    One wasp and every engineer, admin, and analyst break out Nerf guns...  the hunt is on...

    A little while later victory is proclaimed as the last wasp dies...

    Drinks all around at a local pub!


    It's quite a celebration.  I'd hate to show this one.




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