• Updated preparation
    - CWSP PW0-200 2nd edition book -
    - CWSP PW0-204 sybex book -
    - CWSP practice tests -
    - Sybex engine CWSP practice tests (assessment, chapter and bonus) - sorry, no link for it
    - Expend some time analyzing frame captures included in the Sybex Book CD
    - Wi-Fi Question of the Day -
    - 802.11i Authentication and Key Management (AKM) White Paper -
    - Robust Security Network (RSN) Fast BSS Transition (FT) White Paper (read it after reading the same chapter in the sybex book) -
    - The Triple Blendy -
    - Check CWSP objectives one by one during your studies until you get satisfied -
    - Real experience will help a lot

    Sybex Study Guide is really good, I could notice only one objective not covered - RADIUS Dynamic Change of Authorization (CoA) messages

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